Gypsy Soul Mural

This mural is very special to me – I wanted to create a work of art that evokes all the feels that a woman goes through.  We strive to do the best and sometimes we want to break FREE and just have a gypsy soul.  As Women, we laugh, we cry, we care, we give, we take, we live and we love.  I dedicated this work of art to my dear friend, Peter Rini, whom I lost several years ago.  He would always tell me “Everything will be ok”  and I try to tell others – No matter how hard it gets life never gives you more than you can handle.

The name came to me by the woman’s face on the left hand side of the mural and the fact that I love Stevie Nicks!  Before I started the wall – Tom Petty passed and I wanted to attribute his antics into my mural.  There are so many hidden meanings that I wanted to incorporate into this wall.  Not to mention the song that always gets me from Tom Petty – Walls.

I’m so proud to be apart of a group of women, The Defiant Women Group, who are creating murals at The Yard in Wilton Manors.  Seasoned artists with such a diverse group of women.  It’s a group of empowered women artists that were brought together by Evan Anthony, owner of The Yard.

It’s All Happening!

-Artist June Tapia